Whitepaper 37 The Difference between Rolled and Ground Ball Screw

Customers often ask the difference between rolled and ground ball screw, the production process and accuracy are different, but the overall function is the same. An ideal product that converts rotary motion into linear motion or converts linear motion into rotary motion.

1. The difference of production process

Ball screw from the production process is divided into rolled ball screw and ground ball screw two categories.

Rolled ball screw processing technology is relatively simple, first in the high-quality screw shaft material to cut a certain depth of the slot, and then rolled by thread rolling machine, so there will be an extruded groove above the screw thread. The production process is high degree of automation, very suitable for mass production, and can be made into different lengths of ball screws according to requirements, and from a technical point of view, the product consistency is higher than the ground ball screw.

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